Corporate Health Insurance

When Buying a Corporate Health Insurance Plan

  • Plans are guaranteed issue there are higher premiums.
  • Cost are shared by the employer, with employees usually paying a smaller percentage.
  • Group health plans can be non portable and when you leave.
  • Occasionally, carriers cancel or non renew a group health plan.
  • There usually is no medical exam or qualifion with company health insurance.
  • There is shorter underwriting, with distribution of a company survey.
  • With most employers who have over 20 employees, you can continue group benefits under COBRA for around 18 months after termination.
  • Higher premiums usually offset by employer contribution.
  • Increased premiums for group plans are spread out over larger number of people.
  • For group health insurance, you need to have at least two or more employees
  • Group plan members usually have to work at least 30+ hours per week.
  • Companies have to self administer the plan or hire a third party adminstrator.